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Autumn Stillness Retreat

Autumn Stillness is a time to release what is no longer necessary and trust the next phase of growth.

A time to enjoy nourishing warmer foods, connect with nature and feel the potential to be more trusting and connected to life.
The Summer House is an elegant and luxurious retreat facility with light filled rooms, gorgeous gardens, mineral pool and serene yoga studio.

Linda is joined by Naturapath and Nutritionist Sandra Tenge from Pure wellness to enhance the knowledge of building gut health and releasing toxins.

Our talented chef’s focus on flavours and warm dishes to suit this season creating super food for the soul.

Our hiking guide is Brett who is an expert on the local National forest, its history and amazing land marks. This is more than a hike, it is as guests call it “a spiritual experience”

The weekend is a true break, to relax, to receive and grow.

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Fri 24 Mar - Sun 26 Mar 2023

The Summer House

5 Camrose Ct

Jan Juc VIC

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0413 124 432