A time to enter a bubble of healing

As a trained yoga therapist and somatic psychotherapist, Linda Franke brings many flavours to the personalised retreats.

A day might begin with Qi gong and morning exercise. Nature walks, hikes and circuits are all designed to move energy in the body and mind. Our fabulous food is always a feature and involves fresh, locally sourced produce and renowned chefs who utilise flavours to awaken the senses. Menus are selected to fit with themes such as deep nurturing and healing, freshness of new beginnings, and releasing and renewing of body and mind.

I designed weekend retreats to give people a taste of magic. Weekends include five sessions of Restorative Yoga, Qi gong and specialized morning exercise to suit the theme of the retreat. We allow time to swim, relax or have a beautiful massage or specialized treatments. The food is also styled to suit the season and the carefully chosen chefs highlight the sheer joy of yummy food made with absolute love of the craft.

“We all love to share time for the love of food and good company.”

Every detail of the retreat is important because YOU are important.

Three and five day retreats are more of the same with extras and time to go deeper, get to meet great people and perhaps visit a beautiful part of the world.

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November 22 - 24, 2024

Restorative Weekend

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