The author and artist Doe Zantamata said: “It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves”.

For many of us, it’s been harder than ever this year to keep our inner light burning. We’re collectively facing a once-in-a-lifetime struggle, and we’re doing it largely isolated within our homes. The drain on our energy, resilience and patience has been enormous, and for those of us still living under the stress of some form of lockdown, self-nurture is likely to have taken a back seat. Sometimes it’s hard to take the time to be kind to yourself.

For us at Restful Yoga, we had hoped to be able to proceed with our Spring Awakenings Retreat, booked in less turbulent times and scheduled for later this month. The retreat was to be a way to shed the old and make way for new beginnings, letting go of old habits through body mind and spirit – a true reflection of the renewal that spring brings. Unfortunately, with the passing of time and changing landscape, we’ve had no choice but to cancel this retreat, as we have had to with other retreats this year.

While I’m disappointed we can’t join together in our practice and saddened, as we all are, by the times we’re living in, I’m also resolved to keeping my brilliant light burning throughout this experience and I’m trying my hardest to put a little fuel on the fire each day, as I hope you are too.

What we lack in physical connection, we have in abundance in spiritual and emotional connection. While we may often succumb to feeling scared and frustrated, it’s been heartening to see that these times have also brought out our shared humanity; the light within all of us.

We’re moving ahead with our Summer, Autumn and Winter 2021 retreats, as well as rescheduling our Spring 2020 retreat to Spring 2021. Our first retreat for 2021 is 29-31 January, our Summer Magic retreat. This enchanting weekend will be a time to balance the body and mind, awaken the senses and contact the essence of true joy. With sessions of yoga and healing, we’ll move together to embrace freedom and explore your full potential. We’ll peel away old beliefs, swim in the ocean, walk in the forest and eat delicious, nourishing food. We’ll do this together.

I’m thrilled that this retreat and our other 2021 retreats have been so popular already. Our retreats are intimate and our numbers are intentionally small, so if you’d like to join us in these experiences next year, please book your place so you don’t miss out.

While it’s exciting to plan for the future, to dream of better days ahead, and it’s tempting to wish this time away, take time to appreciate the small things if you can, to be in the present moment, and to try to feel the magic in the every day, as hard as it may be.

Take care of yourselves, and remember to nourish that brilliant light.