Psychotherapy / Counselling

I have been fascinated with the human condition and all its intrigue and complexities for many years and have come to understand that we are all so similar. We exhibit different versions of defenses that hide our vulnerabilities, the aspects we are not comfortable showing the world. We all want to be seen as okay. Deep down so many of us feel unworthy and struggle to love who we truly are.

I am privileged in my work as a Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Executive Coach to sit with the deeper, more real aspects of people. I don’t treat this lightly and am grateful every day that I can serve people in a useful way and the day I lose the passion for this work is the day I stop.

The Counselling aspect of my work is based on Behavioural science and through expression of the stories and challenges patterns can be unraveled. As a Somatic Psychotherapist trained in Energy Science I can help clients begin to tap into the Cellular awareness, relating to a time where they interacted with the environment at a cellular level forming memories in the body. With the somatic work we can contact feelings that may have been blocked by trauma or challenges in early childhood. With specific movement patterns, breath and visualisation we guide the healing.

Reference – Reichian therapy and Dr Alexander Lowen.

Couples Counselling

With a major in Relationship Counselling and Effective Parenting I spend a lot of time with couples and families. This is one of my favourite areas as relationship is a fascinating experience in which to learn and grow. I believe that if there is love there is possibility and hope, no matter what the situation is. The learning is for all concerned.

Executive Counselling

Coaching is a big part of my work and I am very comfortable helping people with strategies to build clearer pathways to success. My training in Counselling and Psychotherapy helps me to guide more intuitively and realise what each person needs to feel confident in their culture. We often need to find the inner power to change old ways of approaching situations to come from the best possible self.

Old Dog

After decades of working with people I can now call on ‘old dog’ wisdom. One thing is clear to me now whether it is a work challenge, relationship or personal, there is always one common denominator – YOU.

Being human means you might have reason to act a certain way, lose clarity, lose direction or yourself and sometimes you may feel the need to reach out.

P.S. Still open to a few new tricks.