Linda Franke

You might ask why I facilitate Restful Yoga and Therapy

I used to be one of those ‘over doers’. If there was a prize for being the ‘Queen of overdrive’ I would have won it. I only realised later that this aligned with a deep need to be seen as okay and to feel accepted and respected. When I was young, if we were sitting around we would quickly be told to “get going and do something”, “stop lobbing around”. My parents seemed to be always busy, especially with six children and businesses, and as a little girl I often felt alone and unimportant. This deeply ingrained belief to be busy led me into adrenal fatigue.

From the energy bunny to exhausted with no energy for life.

I had to really train myself to relax and not feel lazy in the process. It was a mental, physical and emotional journey. I had learnt that the best way to distract myself from a feeling is to start getting busy, to simply ‘do stuff.’ And soon we get addicted. We feed that addiction, and need it, and end up with little respect or need for rest.

Meanwhile our body, mind and spirit suffer.

As I began to self nourish with restful yoga and mindful teachings that I believe can nourish the spirit, the true essence of who I am evolved. I started to feel involved in life in a more full way as it spread across everything I did. And by the way this is still a work in progress.

I understand that being more still and breathing with awareness can be challenging at first. So start slowly. Maybe 15 minutes per day. From my decades-long experience as a Psychotherapist, I understand we all have beliefs that don’t serve us well – not being good enough, not being loveable, or deserving of relationships, a sense of not belonging or able to feel real joy in the simple things.

What I facilitate in Restful Yoga and Therapy is not just yoga, stillness or therapy, it’s a way to heal the soul without a fuss. It’s a way to gently sneak up on the defenses that keep us unconscious and unhappy, and open a gateway to quiet joy in everything.

Quiet joy that penetrates every moment, even the busy ones, and begins to slowly transform our experience of life.